Temporary Australians

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What sort people are proud of an insult?

What’s wrong with them?

The answer nothing!!!

They are bikers – and there’s nothing wrong with them.

They love the exhilaration and challenge of riding Australia’s roads.

They understand the nuances of the various motorcycle tribes.

They also understand that most Australians are ignorant of the passion they share with hundreds of thousands of other motorcycling Aussies.

They know that that this ignorance shows itself in insults and negative stereotyping.

Like most Aussies they take it this in their stride and take pride in being regarded with distain.

They are –Temporary Australians and proud of it!

Who are they?

  • Greg Hirst: a national motorcycling identity and 35 year member of Brotherhood Christian Motorcycle Club who is known for his national motorcycle advocacy and media work.
  • Brendan Jones: a radio personality, television presenter, columnist with Live to Ride magazine and most importantly, he rides to work every day. 

Temporary Australians –a Series.

What do people do when they are proud of something? They film it, with humour, a slight edginess and with honesty.

Temporary Australians looks behind the negative public image to the people themselves, doing the stuff they love and explaining it all on camera.

Temporary Australians goes to the motorcycle shows, rides and rallies.

It talks to riders and finds out what makes them tick and shows the fun they have, how they involve their families and how they contribute positively to the wider Australian society.

check it out :   www.temporaryaustralians.com.au

Temporary Australians -and proud of it!