Part 2 Book Launch

My Motorcycling Life -Part 2

Greg’s follow up to his successful first book was launched at the Sydney Motorcycle Show on Saturday November 21 2009 at 3pm on the inside stage with help from former NSW Transport Minister Bruce Baird, current Federal Member for Parramatta Julie Owens and United Motorcycle Council Chairman Ferret from the Finks Motorcycle Club.

The book was onsale over the weekend of this major motorcycle industry show at the Brotherhood CMC Stand (250) near the Suzuki display.

It can now be bought online on this website.

Reviews and Comments

‘SYDNEY motorcycling identity Greg Hirst continues the story of his 32-year involvement in the Australian motorcycling

scene with the follow-up to his first My Motorcycling Life book. There’s plenty of yarns and anecdotes detailing his work

within the Brotherhood CMC. Price: $19.95 Where: motorbike shops or

 -Daily Telegraph Saturday,December 12, 2009,Cars Guide page 09.’


‘The much-anticipated second instalment of Greg Hirst and his motorcycling experiences has arrived.Greg Hirst continues to live his life to the full, which includes a lot of riding, a lot of fun, and more importantly a lot of help to those many people in need. Greg remains heavily involved with journalism and proudly continues his 30-year involvement with Brotherhood Christian Motorcycle Club where he serves as Sgt-at-Arms. His latest book is a great read with some stories that are bound to take you back a few years, and with his background, you can rest assured they’re all true.  My Motorcycling Life-Part 2 continues on from where the first edition left off. With more light-hearted experiences from Greg’s years of riding motorcycles around Australia to a more in-depth view of his political battles with those in power along with some stories that some politicians would prefer you never heard. He talks of family life and love, and introduces us to many more characters that we may already know or would love to meet.’

  -Pugsley, editor Live to Ride Magazine 23/10/09. 


Motorcycle riding solicitor Lincoln Kelly

‘I read your draft (in 2009) and I like it even more than the last one.’


‘Author Greg Hirst will today launch a revealing look at his life in Australia’s motorcycle culture.  After 32 years on the road, Greg shares his rare insight into life in the motorcycle community, and reveals the reality of those who ride motorcycles.  He unmasks some of the stereotypes applied to the motorcycle community, and tells of his encounters with federal politicians, including many who ride motorcycles.  He reveals his meeting with former Prime Minister John Howard and his attempts to get him and Kevin Rudd on his Harley-Davidson.  He speaks of his dealings with the police and the general public, and the prejudices that riders have to deal with.’

– Cole Lawson Communications, 21/11/09.


‘It’s bloody good !’ 

            -Matchy, Sy’s Harley Davidson.

At present it is available at:

Sydney:  Sy’s Harley Davidson .

Coffs Harbour: North Coast V-Twin.

and all good bookstores.