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Fans of the Temporary Australians television series can now rent or buy whole series or individual episodes via the Vimeo On Demand online service. 

Greg’s book, “My Motorcycling Life – Part 2“, is available for purchase at book stores around the country, North Coast V-twins (Coffs Harbour, NSW).  The price for each of Greg’s books is $19.95 from Australian book stores and bike shops. If you are unable to drop into any of these locations, or convince a mate to do it for you, you can order a copy online using the links below.

All prices are in Australian dollars (AUD).

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Rent or buy any single episode or complete series of Temporary Australianssingle episodes: $3 (rent)
$4 (buy) complete seasons: $15 (rent)
$20 (buy)
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season 5
Temporary Australians
any single series DVD (from 1-6)

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Temporary Australians
any 2 series DVDs
Which 2 series?
Temporary Australians
any 3 series DVDs
Which 3 series?
Temporary Australians
any 4 series DVDs
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Temporary Australians
any 5 series DVDs
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All 6 Temporary Australians
Temporary Australians t-shirt
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Temporary Australians small cloth badge
My Motorcycling Life book
My Motorcycling Life – Part 2 book
Both My Motorcycling Life books
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Get The Lot!$120$25