About Us

Greg Hirst Enterprises Pty. Ltd. is the trustee for the Hirst Family Discretionary Trust. Established in 2007 it aims to develop activities such as book publishing and motorcycle event planning and management, and to use money raised at these events to fund church, charity and community activities that are supported by Greg Hirst and his family.

At present Greg Hirst Enterprises hopes to help development of a local counselling practice run by Colleen , Street Level Christian Community’s ‘Caring and Ministry Centre’ and the Parramatta Street Youth Project.

While at early stages it is hoped to give priority to under funded church and community activities helping those in need on the fringes of our society.

2010 – 2014 Support

Groups supported over these years  include :

  • Australian Motorcycle Council
  • Bikers Australia
  • Brotherhood CMC
  • Christian Motorcyclists Association
  • Merrylands Counselling
  • NSW Ambulance Service
  • Street Level Christian Community
  • United Motorcycle Council NSW and Qld