Review from Queensland

Bill Purcell from the Queensland Branch of the Christian Motorcyclists Association wrote this review on ‘My Motorcycling Life’ and sent me a copy on October 15, 2008 after it appeared in the CMA Newsletter.

Colourful is the only way to describe the life led by the author of this autobiography. Thirty years ago, motorcyclists were universally regarded as outlaws, and were treated as such by the Police. Despite being a Christian and a colour-wearing member of the Brotherhood Motorcycle Club, Greg attracted his fair share of Police attention on the road and at gatherings such as the Bathurst races. He recounts his role as a peacemaker between riders and and the law enforcers. He has always been an agitator for law reform. Among the political campaigns he has fought was the right to ride without a helmet. While this seems extraordinary to us today, it was a heartfelt grievance over 20 years ago. Another issue he campaigned vigorously on was the right not to have headlights wired to come on with the ignition. Again this seems contrary to common sense if one wants to be more readily seen by car drivers. Apart from those two anomalies ( and perhaps, his penchant for H-D ), his experiences will strike a chord with every person who has sat astride a motorcycle.

A fervent Harley Davidson enthusiast, Greg recounts some of the glorious occasions when he led his mates on riding displays. One of those was in the Telstra Stadium in Sydney for a football grand-final.

The book includes a colour photo section recording some of Greg’s best memories. As a record of a life well-lived through  trauma and exhilaration, you would do well to find and read a copy. It is published by the author and more details can be found at