2014 Bathurst Bike Show

Saturday February 1 in Russell Street                       

Families were welcome and there was plenty to amuse everyone including lots of motorcycles for the adults to look at and fun for the kids. Entry was free for the general public and those displaying their motorcycles. The only entry charge is for those wishing to enter the formal competition, where the charge was $10.

Amongst the throng wwere displays organised by local motorcyclists such as the Bathurst’s Beard Brothers Motorcycles, Orange’s  Capital Motorcycles as well as Shannons Insurance, Temporary Australians and Brotherhood Christian Motorcycle Club.

There was a free jumping castle for the kids as well as lots of information about various motorcycle organisations and event t-shirts for sale.

Lots of music

One of the highlights of the Bathurst Street and Custom Motorcycle Show was the appearance of rock band Subtlebric. Formed in 2003 this band plays some popular rock and roll covers as well as some of their own impressive work.

Well known from the Silverwater Street and Custom in Sydney each year, Subtlebric has played at the last few motorcycle shows  in Russell Street.

Trophies Galore

Thirty trophies were handed out thanks to sponsors Shannons Insurance, Baird Brothers Motorcycles, Brotherhood CMC, Capital Motorcycles, 2bs radio, B Rock radio,  Live to Ride Magazine and Bathurst Regional Council, Elies Cafe, Bikers Motorcycles, Taylors Motorcycle Services and Mick Muldoon Motorcycles.

Category                                                                               Sponsor

Best Bike of the Show                                    Shannons Insurance

Peoples’ Choice                                             Beard Brothers Motorcycles

Best Custom American                                  Capital Motorcycles 

Best Custom British                                       Bikers Motorcycles 

Best Custom Japanese                                 Capital Motorcycles                                              

Best Stock American                                     Capital Motorcycles            

Best Stock British                                          Bikers Motorcycles                            

Best Stock Japanese                                    Capital Motorcycles

Best European                                              2bs Bathurst Radio                                              

Best Three Wheeler                                      Bathurst Regional Council

Best Classic (pre-1980)                                Taylor’s Motorcycle Services        

Best Race Bike                                             Beard Brothers Motorcycles

Best Off-Road Bike                                       Capital Motorcycles

Best Sports Bike                                            Beard Brothers Motorcycles

Best Engineered Bike                                    Mick Muldoon Motorcycles

Best Paint                                                      Capital Motorcycles

Special Awards

Category                                                                                    Sponsor

Best Club Turnout                                          Beard Brothers Motorcycles

Best Trade Display                                         Brotherhood CMC

Longest distance travelled                              Elies Cafe

Oldest rider                                                      Elies Cafe

Oldest pillion                                                    Elies Cafe 

Youngest rider                                                 Beard Brothers Motorcycles 

Youngestpillion                                                Shannons Insurance                                                                                                                   

Longest distance travelled by a female rider   Shannons Insurance          

Special Award American                                  Live to Ride Magazine

Special Award British                                        Shannons Insurance

Special Award European                                   Brock Radio                                                          

Special Award Japanese                                  Beard Brothers Motorcycles                                              

Special Award Three Wheeler                          Shannons Insurance

Special Award Vintage                                      Shannons Insurance